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May 9, 2022

Last Week in Review


Dutch woman convicted in US of fundraising for al-Shabaab
Associated Press

NYC subway shooting suspect indicted on federal terrorism charge
ABC News

6 anti-government service members charged with stealing ammo from Air Force Base
Spokesman Review

Hate Crimes

Missouri man charged with arson attack against Mormon church
Journal Courier

Delaware man arrested for racially motivated knife attack on neighbor 
Delaware Department of Justice

NYPD investigates possible hate crime after attack on Asian American woman
CBS-New York

Portland police arrest man for vandalism and arson attack on a mosque and 2 synagogues

NYPD investigates assault on rabbi in latest anti-Semitic attack in New York City

Political Violence

Former marine gets 2-plus years for assaulting police during Capitol siege
Law & Crime

Ex-NYPD officer found guilty of attacking police officer with a flag pole on Jan. 6
NBC News

Leader of North Carolina Oath Keepers admits to seditious conspiracy in Capitol siege
Justice News

QAnon supporter pleads guilty to assaulting police with Trump sign on Jan. 6
NBC-Wilkes Barre

Capitol siege update: Feds charge 791 people from 46 states and DC
Capitol Hill Siege – GW Program on Extremism

In-Depth Look at Extremism

The Right and Extremism
The Loopcast (audio)

Serial Killers: The Mind of a Murderer
Science Vs (audio)

Sam Jackson on Anti-Government Extremism
Extremely (audio)

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