Geo-Hazard Report

A weekly review of environmental hazards and disasters

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The Geo-Hazard Report will return in January 2023

Geo-Hazard Report
October 17, 2022

Last Week in Review


New tsunami risk maps highlight threat to 7 California counties
Los Angeles Times

Extraterrestrial Threats

NASA confirms successful test of planetary defense against asteroids
The Verge


66 large fires burn 750,000-plus acres across 6 states
National Interagency Fire Center (updated 10/14/22)

Idaho’s largest wildfire still burns after nearly 3 months

California faces hard choices between more housing and wildfire risks
Cal Matters

Late-season fires continues to burn through forests in Oregon and Washington
NASA Earth Observatory

Infectious Disease

U.S. experiences significant spike in respiratory illness among children
NPR News

Rising rates of influenza-like illness across the U.S. hint at early start to flu season
Live Science

Syphilis rates in babies increase as U.S. faces sharp rise in sexually transmitted infections

Environmental Contamination

California’s Salton Sea turns into toxic dust as lake bed dries up
Science Daily

Study finds warming winters increase agriculture runoff, polluting waterways
Midwest Center for Investigative Reporting

Researchers find that air pollution breathed in by expectant mothers infects unborn babies

Changing Climate

Heatwaves will make regions uninhabitable within decades, conclude UN and Red Cross

Amid rising seas, Atlantic City has no plans for retreat
Associated Press

Rising sea levels threaten entire populations with loss of their territories and identities
Nature World News

Climate-related hazards in the US (real-time data):
• 134 million-plus people are experiencing drought
• 38 million-plus people are under flood alerts
• 275-plus wildfires burn nationwide
Climate Mapping for Resilience and Adaptation (updated 10/15/22)

In-Depth Look at Environmental Hazards

Countdown to COP 27: Feeling the Heat
ClimateOne (audio)


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