Geo-Hazard Report

A weekly review of environmental hazards and disasters

Geo-Hazard Report
November 29, 2021

Last Week in Review

Infectious Disease

Heavily mutated Omicron coronavirus variant puts scientists on alert

New coronavirus variant could show immune evasion and enhanced transmissibility

COVID-19 in the US: Infections surpass 49 million, with 790,000-plus deaths

COVID-19 worldwide: Infections surpass 260 million, with 5.2 million-plus deaths
Johns Hopkins University – Coronavirus Resource Center

Severe Storms

Another ‘atmospheric river’ raises flooding fears in the Pacific Northwest


Extreme wildfire weather increases around the globe, research says
CBC News

Wildfire dangers prompt power cuts, leaving thousands in California without electricity
NBC-Los Angeles


USGS monitors 4 U.S. volcanoes showing signs of unrest
Nature World News

California’s Long Valley super-volcano shows signs of near-term erruption
Science Times

Environmental Contamination

Dangerous levels of carcinogenic Dioxane recorded in North Carolina river

Rivers carry as much as 1,000 tons of mercury to world’s coastlines every year
Scientific American

In-Depth Look at Environmental Hazards

Is Geoengineering Worth the Gamble?
Climate Pod (audio)

Everything We Know About the New COVID Variant
Coronapod (audio)


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