Geo-Hazard Report

A weekly review of environmental hazards and disasters

Geo-Hazard Report
September 27, 2021 (Early Edition)

Last Week in Review

Infectious Disease

Hospitals in multiple states begin rationing care as COVID-19 cases surge

COVID-19 in the US: Infections surpass 43 million, with 700,000-plus deaths

COVID-19 worldwide: Infections surpass 231 million, with 4.7 million-plus deaths
Johns Hopkins University – Coronavirus Resource Center


Officials issue Red Alert as Alaska’s Semisopochnoi volcano begins major eruption


Drought continues to strangle American West, with no relief in sight
Courthouse New Service


Wildfires transform Alaska and amplify climate change
Scientific American

Northern Hemisphere’s summer wildfires released record-breaking carbon emissions

Changing Climate

Arctic ice levels drop to record lows after declining 13% per decade since 1979

Crop yields decline as heat waves and drought become more frequent and intense
Nature World News

Conferences and Congressional Hearings

Uncontrolled Spread: Why COVID-19 Crushed Us and How We Can Defeat the Next Pandemic
American Enterprise Institute (video)

In-Depth Look at Environmental Hazards

Preparing for Disasters We Don’t Want to Think About
Climate One (audio)

How Decades of Stopping Forest Fires Made Them Worse
Vox (short video)


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