Geo-Hazard Report

A weekly review of environmental hazards and disasters

Geo-Hazard Report
June 21, 2021

Last Week in Review

Infectious Disease

CDC director warns Delta variant could soon become dominant coronavirus strain in U.S.
ABC News

COVID-19 in the US: Infections surpass 34 million, with 610,000-plus deaths

COVID-19 worldwide: Infections surpass 178 million, with 3.8 million-plus deaths
Johns Hopkins University – Coronavirus Resource Center

Severe Storms

Gulf storm triggers tornadoes and flooding as it sweeps through the Southeast

Tornado hits Chicago suburbs, damaging 100-plus homes and injuring several people
Chicago Sun Times


‘Heat dome’ envelopes western U.S., brining record-breaking temperatures
Live Science

Falling water level in California reservoir will soon force hydro-power plant to shut down for first time


Extreme heat and drought fuel dozens of fires across western U.S.

One of Arizona’s largest wildfires in history expands amid dry conditions
Changing America

Wildfires burn in the Rockies’ high-elevation forests at highest rate in 2000 years

Environmental Contamination

Chemical plant fire in Illinois prompts evacuations and threatens environmental disaster
NBC News

Changing Climate

Amount of solar radiation trapped by Earth’s surface and oceans doubles in 15 years

Conferences and Congressional Hearings

COVID-19 Response and Recovery: Supporting the Needs of Students in Higher Education
Senate Committee on Health, Education, Labor, & Pensions (video)

In-Depth Look at Environmental Hazards

Whom the Vaccines Leave Behind
What Next (audio)

Coronavirus and the CDC: Why Was the U.S. So Unprepared?
Science Rules (audio)


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