Geo-Hazard Report

A weekly review of environmental hazards and disasters

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Geo-Hazard Report
September 26, 2022

Last Week in Review


93 large fires burn 900,000-plus acres across 7 states
National Interagency Fire Center (Sept 24)

Crews battle wildfire near homes in northwest Oklahoma City
ABC-Oklahoma City

Wildfire smoke reaches unhealthy levels in Seattle and surrounding regions
U.S. News

As wildfires become common, Idaho’s smoke season becomes public health hazard
Idaho Capital Sun

Environmental Contamination

Chicago’s tap water contaminated with lead, analysis finds

Untested sewage sludge spread over croplands as fertilizer in several states
The Guardian

Gas leaked from interstate pipelines contains hazardous pollutants, study finds

Toxic metals entered soil from Pittsburgh steel-industry emissions, study says
Inside Climate News

Changing Climate

Colorado River crisis hits farms and cities in the Southwest
NPR News

Brain-eating amoeba spreads rapidly due to climate change
Nature World News

Collapse of vulnerable Pine Island ice sheet could raise sea level 0.5 meters

Climate-related hazards in the US (real-time data):
• drought – 119 million-plus people affected
• flood alerts – 9 million-plus people affected
• wildfires – 275 nationwide
Climate Mapping for Resilience and Adaptation (Sept 25, 2022)

In-Depth Look at Environmental Hazards

How Climate Change Supercharged The Weather
Fresh Air (audio)

Hurricane Fiona, and the Scars of Maria
Post Reports (audio)

How to Save to the World from an Asteroid Strike
Space and Things (audio)


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