Cyber Threat Report

A weekly review of cyber threats to America

Cyber Threat Report
September 26, 2022

Last Week in Review

Cyber Espionage

U.S. adds 2 more Chinese telecom firms to national security threat list
Hacker News

Iranian state-sponsored hackers exploit Log4j vulnerabilities for ransomware campaigns

Commerce Department lacks ability to keep U.S. tech from fueling Chinese cyberthreat

Cyber Crime

Multi-million dollar global online credit card fraud operation uncovered
Reason Labs

Phishing campaign impersonates U.S. agencies to target government contractors
Bleeping Computer

Accused Russian RSOCKS botmaster arrested, requests extradition to U.S.
Krebs on Security

Record-setting DDoS attacks keep coming, with no end in sight
Ars Technica

In-Depth Look at Cyber Security

Cyber Attacks and the Dark Web
Cyber Security Inside (audio)

Violence-as-a-Service Comes of Age
Click Here (audio)

Inside the Tool the U.S. Military Uses to Monitor Emails and Web Traffic
Cyber (audio)


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