Cyber Threat Report

A weekly review of cyber threats to America

The Cyber Threat Report will return in January 2023

Cyber Threat Report
October 17, 2022

Last Week in Review

Cyber Espionage

Chinese espionage group targets U.S. state legislature
Symantec Threat Intelligence

New Chinese threat actor targets IT and telecom service providers
Sentinel Labs

Cyber Warfare

Russian hacking group knocks multiple U.S. airport websites offline in DDOS attack

Pro-Russian group pays volunteers to launch DDOS attacks against western entities
Bleeping Computer

U.S. support to Ukraine could prompt Russian cyber escalation in midterms, experts warn
The Hill

Cyber Crime

Ransomware attacks target U.S. colleges and universities
IBM Security Intelligence

Microsoft Exchange servers hacked to deploy LockBit ransomware
Security Affairs

Corrupted WhatsApp app deploys malware on Android devices to steal users’ accounts
Tech Times

In-Depth Look at Cyber Security

The Dark Web
Tech Against Terrorism (audio)

Vishing: Voice Scams
Malicious Life (audio)

David Agranovich, Director of Threat Disruption at Meta
A look at inauthentic social media behavior, cyber espionage, and current malware threats
Decipher Security Podcast (audio)


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