Cyber Threat Report

A weekly review of cyber threats to America

Cyber Threat Report
July 5, 2022

Last Week in Review

Cyber Espionage

FCC commissioner asks Apple and Google to remove TikTok from app stores

Chinese influence campaign targets rare earths mining companies to thwart competition

Chinese front company lures jobseekers into conducting digital espionage on Western targets
Ars Technica

Cyber Crime

“Black Basta” emerges as prominent ransomware-as-a-service threat
Hacker News

“Matanbuchus” malware drops Cobalt Strike beacons via expanding phishing campaigns
Security Affairs

“SessionManager” malware hits Microsoft Exchange servers worldwide to install backdoor
Dark Reading

“ZuoRAT” malware targets remote workers by exploiting flaws in home office routers

In-Depth Look at Cyber Security

John Hultquist on Chinese Information Operations
Decipher (audio)

How the Supreme Court’s Abortion Decision Effects Tech and Privacy
Cyber (audio)

Countering Hack-for-Hire Groups
Google Threat Analysis Group (report)


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