Cyber Threat Report

A weekly review of cyber threats to America

Cyber Threat Report
August 8, 2022

Last Week in Review

Cyber Espionage

Global network of fake news sites and social media accounts pushes Chinese propaganda

Meta cracks down on cyber espionage and warns of operations targeting midterm elections
ABC News

New Chinese malware facilitates post-exploitation command execution and info harvesting
Hacker News

Cyber Crime

Hackers steel $190 million from U.S. cryptocurrency firm Nomad

Several crypto platforms targeted in multimillion-dollar attacks over 24-hour period
The Record

New phishing campaign bypasses multi-factor authentication to breach Microsoft’s email services

Ransomware explosion fosters thriving dark web ecosystem
Dark Reading


Auto industry faces higher risk of cyberattacks in 2023

“Huge flaw” threatens U.S. emergency alert system, DHS researcher warns
Ars Technica

In-Depth Look at Cyber Security

North Korea’s Cyberwar
Popular Front (audio)

Competition, Conflict, and Cyber
Modern War Institute (audio)

Pegasus Is Listening
A look at Pegasus and the rise of commercial spyware
Click Here (audio)


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