Cyber Threat Report

A weekly review of cyber threats to America

Cyber Threat Report
September 27, 2021 (Early Edition)

Last Week in Review

Cyber Espionage

State-sponsored hacking group targets Port of Houston using Zoho zero-day flaw
The Record

Russian espionage group deploys new malware to create backdoors on targeted networks
Cisco Talos

Espionage group leverages Microsoft Exchange flaws to target hotels and governments worldwide
We Live Security

Cyber Crime

Microsoft warns of large-scale phishing-as-service operation
Microsoft Threat Intelligence

Federal agencies warn of escalation in Conti ransomware attacks
Homeland Security Today

$5.9 million ransomware attack on U.S. farming co-op may disrupt food supply chain
Ars Technica


Zero-day flaw in IoT infrastructure code exposes 100 million devices to potential attack

Conferences and Congressional Hearings

National Cybersecurity Strategy: Protection of Federal and Critical Infrastructure Systems
Senate Homeland Security Committee (video)

In-Depth Look at Cyber Security

Should the U.S. Ban Chinese and Russian Technology?
Malicious Life (audio)

The Cozy Relationship Between the Russian State and Criminal Actors
Recorded Future (audio)


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