Homeland Security Events

Conferences and congressional hearings in the capital region

U.S. Capitol Building

Events Next Week

Monday (Dec 5, 2022)

Preserving Our Institutions: An Event with AEI’s Continuity of Government Commission
American Enterprise Institute (10:00 am ET)

Reforming the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
American Enterprise Institute (2:30 pm ET)

The Convergence of National Security and Homeland Security
Center for Strategic & International Securities (2:30 pm ET)

Tuesday (Dec 6, 2022)

Looking through Jihadi Clusters: Explaining Jihadism in the West
Program on Extremism – George Washington University (10:00 am ET)

Security Operations Summit
SecurityWeek (11:00 am ET)

Solving the Climate Crisis: Accomplishments, Opportunities, and the Need for Continued Action
House Select Committee on the Climate Crisis (1:30 pm ET)

Wednesday (Dec 7, 2022)

Reverberations of Multiple Crises: What to Expect in 2023
Carnegie Endowment for International Peace (2-day event)
Live on Facebook and Youtube

Thursday (Dec 8, 2022)

Open Source Security Summit
Bitwarden (10:00 am ET)

Future Events

Tuesday (Dec 13, 2022)

Innovating Out of the Climate Crisis: Hydrogen
American Security Project (12:30 pm ET)

Thursday (Dec 15, 2022)

5G Is Smart. Now Let’s Make It Secure.
Brookings Institution (10:00 am ET)